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The economic recession and your mba essay

The Economic Recession and Your MBA Essay Now that the economy has taken a dive, more people are pursuing an MBA degree in the hopes that doing so would eventually increase their market value and give them a bigger chance of finding a job once the economy gets better.  If you’re thinking of pursuing an […]

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What are the true value of a two-year college

What Are The True Value Of A Two-Year College Higher education in this country is rapidly becoming a necessity in the business community rather than a luxury. There was a time when those who had a high school education still had the opportunity to build a better world for themselves and their families. Those days […]

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Scholarship for moms — $10,000 or more can help you go back to college easily

Scholarship For Moms — $10,000 Or More Can Help You Go Back To College Easily While some people have a hard time believing President Obama had the ability to get this country back together and rally it’s people behind his cause to get the economy back back on it’s feet.  One of the ways he […]

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Some tips on how to get financial aid for international students

Some Tips on How to Get Financial Aid for International Students If you are an international student who wants to study abroad, remember that your tuition fees are going to be much higher than those of domestic students. Moreover, you are going to live far from home and therefore, pay for housing, food, fun etc. […]

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University financial aid for our economy

UNIVERSITY FINANCIAL AID FOR OUR ECONOMY?S HEALTH A college degree can take more than study hours and great effort from us. College education can be a central concern in our lives if we do not have the money to pay for it. To make things a little easier on us, the federal government has a […]

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