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Different ways to acquire mandatory 35 pdu to write the pmp exam

Different Ways To Acquire Mandatory 35 Pdu To Write The Pmp Exam Let me first explain what a PDU here is. PDU stands for Professional Development Unit. Project Management Institute (i.e. PMI) measures the number of hours spent in undergoing Project Management training in terms of PDU. One PDU is equivalent of one hour of […]

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Scholarships a reality through the obama grant with many returns

Scholarships A Reality Through The Obama Grant With Many Returns While the government under the Obama administration is putting emphasis on helping working mothers return to college, many people may not know exactly what Obama grants are. While federal programs such as ones assisting working mothers in attending college have been brought to the fore […]

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Online learning: not for all

Online Learning: Not for All Online courses are not actually for everybody. It is not grasped by most who get engaged with online learning. Some examples: 1. Continuing medical studies for the health care professionals. It would seem like a perfect application for online education – the audience is very self-motivated and constantly utilize technology […]

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Scholarship for students

Scholarship For Students Scholarship for Students A helpful source of financial help is in the kind of scholarships. Though they may not seem the most accessible kind of student financial aid, they are surprisingly common. Many universities provide some type of scholarships plus these can be beneficial for providing you extra money. Thus, as you […]

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Obama scholarships for moms: yes, you can improve your future

Obama Scholarships For Moms: Yes, You Can Improve Your Future There are some bright spots that should encourage you to look to the future even though the US economy is going through some tough time right now. The government hopes to encourage women to go to college through Obama scholarships for moms. Mothers of all […]

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