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Cfaiii study material

CFAIII Study Material In recent years finance certifications have gained exponential importance in finance industry. Many finance managers and finance professionals are trying to earn finance certifications as they are much easier to follow than a full degree program. When compared to a full degree program, finance certifications have many advantages; they are faster way […]

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Showbiz celebrity: a profession or a destiny

Showbiz Celebrity: a Profession or a Destiny? Pros and Cons Among the huge number of various professions that exist to satisfy all possible human needs and the most exotic desires there can be distinguished easy ones and difficult ones. But even in the easiest and he most pleasant profession with a lot of Pros Cons […]

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Astronomia vedica iii

Astronomia Vedica Iii Astronomia Vedica Part III All events are connected by Time, all places are connected by Space and all effects are connected by Cause in the Space-Time-Causality equation. The Science of Time ( Astrology ) and the Science of Cause ( Transcendental Philosophy ) assume great significance in the realm of superconscient learning […]

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Car park maths project

Car Park Maths Project Car Park Maths Project Do you have problems setting an interesting and new maths project, that all the students in your class, whatever their level of ability is, can take part in? This project to plan a new car park layout, gained the interest of the students and provided many lines […]

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Moderate vs light pressure in massage therapy

Moderate Vs Light Pressure in Massage Therapy There have been various studies done on the issue of moderate vs. light pressure in massage therapy, and many have concluded that moderate pressure has a much more significant effect on the subject than light pressure. One study by Miami, Florida’s Touch Research Institute, which has provided a […]

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