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Focusing on foundation grants

Focusing on Foundation Grants Did you know that foundations in the United States give billions of dollars to schools every year? Millions of dollars are not even distributed simply because not enough schools apply. That’s not usually the case with many well-known foundations, but it is true with foundations that are not in the public […]

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Dissecting the human brain to find out how it learns

Dissecting the Human Brain to Find Out How it Learns Introduction When you were asked to dissect a frog in science class how did you feel? You may have felt a little hesitant even a little cruel as you tore it limb from limb to see what was inside of it. But in the end […]

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Breaking through with an accredited online college degree

Breaking Through With An Accredited Online College Degree An accredited online college degree can be the key to opening doors for a more fulfilling life and career path. No matter where they are in life, many crave to explore their full potential. With an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, it can be possible to not […]

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Take advantage of the $10,000 worth of scholarship obama is giving away every year

Take Advantage of the $10,000 Worth of Scholarship Obama is Giving Away Every Year It is startling to know that more than 80 percent of women especially moms were not able to finish higher education that would give them the chance to have a better life. After finishing high school, either one starts working for […]

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Scholarship for moms — $10,000 or more can help you go back to college easily

Scholarship For Moms — $10,000 Or More Can Help You Go Back To College Easily While some people have a hard time believing President Obama had the ability to get this country back together and rally it’s people behind his cause to get the economy back back on it’s feet.  One of the ways he […]

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