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Nothing just happens

Nothing Just Happens Nothing Just Happens I believe that we are all intended, created and sustained by the forces of ALL! The ALL is what I call God. I believe that this power source, this Infinite Intelligence knew and knows for certain, what it intends, therefore, to think that anything just happens is to think […]

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Online traffic schools in florida

Online Traffic Schools in Florida Have you accumulated points in your traffic record? If you live in Florida, you may consider yourself lucky because you have the option of reducing the points by taking an advanced driving training program. These courses are for drivers who have already acquired a degree of proficiency. They are generally […]

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Getting into top mba programs with your mba personal statement

Getting into Top MBA Programs with Your MBA Personal Statement Whether you want to advance your career in the corporate world or you simply just want to enhance your skills, knowledge, and expertise in the field of business and finance, obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one sure way to obtain all […]

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The economic recession and your mba essay

The Economic Recession and Your MBA Essay Now that the economy has taken a dive, more people are pursuing an MBA degree in the hopes that doing so would eventually increase their market value and give them a bigger chance of finding a job once the economy gets better.  If you’re thinking of pursuing an […]

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Online learning: not for all

Online Learning: Not for All Online courses are not actually for everybody. It is not grasped by most who get engaged with online learning. Some examples: 1. Continuing medical studies for the health care professionals. It would seem like a perfect application for online education – the audience is very self-motivated and constantly utilize technology […]

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