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Your future as a high school graduate

Your Future As A High School Graduate Once you complete your high school graduation, you have got to decide whether to pursue education further or to take up a job. It is very important to make future plans, so that you are not left alone to make a career. You can explore various avenues, various […]

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Observation essay

Observation Essay Observation essay is a written «photograph» of some experience. Preparatory stage usually includes the observation itself. This stage is aimed at collecting as much information as possible using mostly sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste; however sometimes it may be useful for the writer to pay attention to such senses as, for example, […]

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Is it ambivalent to go broad and come back home

Is It Ambivalent To Go Broad And Come Back Home? It showed that not only the number of senior high school students decide to study abroad increased, but the quantity of junior high school students who want to study abroad has increased 20%to30%. China has been one of the largest countries that lost largest number […]

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Liquid diamond oceans on uranus and neptune

Liquid Diamond Oceans on Uranus and Neptune Earth-bound research into diamonds and their physical qualities has uncovered the precise melting point of diamond. By researching the melting point of diamond, it is thought that artificial diamonds and their man-made manufacturing process can be fine-tuned and made more effective. The major surprise with the research has […]

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Target sat

Target Sat Today high school graduates don’t prepare for Scholastic Aptitude Test to get admission into the University of their choices. What they go for is simply SAT. Confused! So are the students. All they know about SAT is that it is an aptitude test conducted to test the skills of your scholarly abilities. But, […]

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