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Career in healthcare industry

Career in Healthcare Industry By the health care industry growing at a rate of nearly 15 per cent every year, the sector, which is today not just associated with doctors but has grown to include other areas as well, can offer a wide mixture of career options for youngsters. And with the growth rate expected […]

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Choosing an online mba degree

Choosing An Online Mba Degree The Master of Business Administration is one of the most popular and sought-after degrees available today. As the world moves to an increasingly corporate and service-based economy, companies have an ever-growing need for business savvy and certain sets of technical skills. And an MBA-holder is likely to have those skills […]

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Improve your reading with a speed reading course

Improve Your Reading With A Speed Reading Course People who have learned the special reading methods that makes them speed readers, are able to enjoy zooming through books at anywhere from four times to forty times the speed of the average reader. On top of the increased speed, some people are even more amazed to […]

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Be savvy in your choices of university to study in

Be Savvy in Your Choices of University to Study In Standing on the crossroad of different universities, many young people have a vague idea which way to choose and where to study. Of course, the main idea, which you have to consider while choosing a university, is your wishes concerning your future profession. Surely, first […]

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Juggling learning and teaching

Juggling Learning And Teaching My website poll of 96 junior faculty members has an unequivocal winner. The poll asks, «What is the hardest part about being a junior faculty member?» Over a third of the respondents chose «Teaching takes up so much time» as their response. Exactly How Time Consuming is Teaching?  Surveys of how […]

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