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The start of baseball uniforms

The Start of Baseball Uniforms Baseball jerseys uniforms are used in order to set the individuality of each team within the game. Without uniform, baseball fans will not recognize their favorite team and the excitement of the game will be lost. Modern style uniforms nowadays have special name of the team, number as well as […]

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Vedic astrology xxxii

Vedic Astrology Xxxii Vedic Astrology Lesson 32 — The 27 Nithya Yogas The combined longitudes of the Sun and the Moon is called a Nithya Yoga. There are 27 Nithya Yogas based on the 27 constellations which tenant the Ecliptic. The calculation of Nithya Yoga is simple. Add the longitude of the Moon to the […]

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The greatest experience of my professional lifetime

The Greatest Experience Of My Professional Lifetime…Teaching About Land The Greatest Experience Of My Professional Lifetime…Teaching about Land One off the greatest experience of my professional lifetime has been to teach the Realtors Land Institute’s «Land 101» class.  For the last sixteen years, I have specialized in Land and Farms sales in the beautiful Piedmont […]

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Work it baby

Work It Baby! A Beauty Therapy College Course Helps People Look Their Best Beauty therapy college courses are growing in popularity as more people look for a career in the field. Alternative and complementary therapy programmes, such as a reflexology or massage course, are also becoming more popular. Interest in cosmetology has never been higher, […]

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Holisticjunction.com Featured School of the Week June 4, 2007: Georgia Career Institute Interested in cosmetology, massage therapy, or other related career fields? Georgia Career Institute proudly offers students a master cosmetology career program, massage therapy career program, nail technology career program, and esthetics career program in Tennessee and Georgia. Students who have a strong desire […]

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