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What a military intelligence education can teach you

What a Military Intelligence Education Can Teach You Ongoing military intelligence education is critical to ensure that military intelligence professionals stay on the leading edge of strategic security issues around the globe. For the most part, military intelligence education focuses on the same type of training received from civilian intelligence education programs, but with more […]

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Showbiz celebrity: a profession or a destiny

Showbiz Celebrity: a Profession or a Destiny? Pros and Cons Among the huge number of various professions that exist to satisfy all possible human needs and the most exotic desires there can be distinguished easy ones and difficult ones. But even in the easiest and he most pleasant profession with a lot of Pros Cons […]

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Foreign accent: is it part of your identity

Foreign Accent: Is It Part Of Your Identity? If you have a foreign accent, you probably have a love/hate relationship with it. On one hand, you know that your accent is a part of who you are and points back to your country of origin, a place you likely have fond memories of. On the […]

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