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Class of 2006 pass both portions of state-mandated exit exam in los angeles schools

69% of Class of 2006 Pass Both Portions of State-Mandated Exit Exam in Los Angeles Schools Los Angeles schools announced the results of the 2004-2005 school year, state-mandated California High School Exit Exam. Of the students slated to graduate in 2006, 69 percent (more than two thirds) of the class passed both the English language […]

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Learning english in another country is possible

Learning English In Another Country Is Possible Learning English effectively when living in a foreign country is challenging. While English classes are probably available, native English speakers may not be. Also, students rarely get the chance to practice their skills, making it even more difficult to learn the language. If you are someone who wishes […]

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Obama grants were initiated to encourage moms to earn a degree

Obama Grants Were Initiated To Encourage Moms To Earn A Degree Although higher education is important, there are often a number of obstacles that can hinder potential students from enrolling in college. At the top of this list, especially for single mothers, are family obligations and financial concerns. In an attempt to alleviate concerns associated […]

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A college education within reach: obama scholarships for mothers

A College Education Within Reach: Obama Scholarships for Mothers If you want to be successful, getting a good education is a good start. The President has on many occasions emphasized the need for a strong education system. Scholarships and grants are only a small part of the education system makeover. For decades, college prices have […]

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What makes the university of phoenix’s school of justice unique

What makes the University of Phoenix’s school of justice unique The University of Phoenix Online is unique in being the first university to offer older, already employed people an opportunity to earn a college degree without having to give up one’s job. Established in 1976 it is the oldest and largest university or college in […]

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