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Hypnosis: a slight of hand, a trick or of therapeutic value

Hypnosis: A Slight Of Hand, A Trick Or Of Therapeutic Value

Hypnosis is scientifically defined as a trance state that is characterized by suggestibility, heightened imagination and relaxation. It is an effective technique that promotes accelerated human change and through it, ones behavior can be changed and at the same time get courage which leads to physical well being. A person who has been for years abused drugs can see a therapist who is a professional to assists him/her make positive change in their lives. Many people don’t understand the phenomenon behind hypnosis and they tend to think that hypnosis is like sleep where one is not aware of what is happening around her or him (Martin S Pollens 1981).

Hypnosis is a state where total concentration on something is employed therefore hypnosis is not a trick but a slight of hand but it has therapeutic or other value. A person who is fully hypnotized is always aware of what is happening in their surrounding unlike someone who is dead asleep; hypnosis can therefore be compared with daydreaming. When one is hypnotized he/she is always alert and focused on something that is of value in his/her life .Fmri is detectors of waves in brains that scans and determine physical and mental state of a person. beta part of brain is detected by Fmri when one is awake and under normal activity.  Opposite of this is sleep in which the brain gives off delta waves. Alpha brain waves are detected when one is hypnotized and highly relaxed (Hammond 1990).

When one is hypnotized the brain exhibits both alpha and beta brain waves and the fact that brain does not exhibit similar waves as seen by when one is sleeping shows that sleeping and hypnosis are different. Hypnosis has proved that one can achieve beyond the skies and achieve anything they set their mind to do.

People nowadays are appreciating the importance of hypnotizing as technique of reducing stress, controlling illness and that it has more curative power. Hypnosis, in some form or another, has been used for more than two hundred years.  Hypnosis has proven to have some therapeutic effect. Sigmund Freud with his mentor Jean Martin Charcot, employed hypnosis on their patients who ere believed to have suffered from hysteria or hysterical conversion syndrome. People whose physical symptoms had an underlayment of emotional distress were discovered responding greatly to the effects of hypnosis (Monte &Sollod 2003)

During World War II physicians and doctors used hypnosis as a method of alleviating pain to their patients who mostly had limb amputation. In 1996, National Institutes of Health ruled in that hypnosis has very powerful curative power and at the same time can be used as a mechanism of controlling stress and chronic related illness.

Hypnosis is believed to have advanced in recent years and therapeutic hypnosis and it has tended to establish hypnotherapy as a scientific treatment method. (Kappas, 2001) in the belief that the mind has the power to control body processes, practitioners using hypnosis to induce trance-like state were relegated to the stage and they were regarded as charlatans. Those who watched performance on stage said they were entertained but hypnotist had some power that made them say or do things that were beyond their control (Hammond, 1990 Kappas, 2001).

On conclusion it is important to use metal imagery since it is very powerful especially in a focused state of attention. Practitioners have noted that the mind is capable of using imagery to assist bringing about the things that are being imagined. Self hypnosis can also help one to improve on his/her health.

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