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How concentrated pheromone cologne work to get you noticed

How concentrated Pheromone cologne work to get you noticed The effect of pheromones has been very well studied. They cause an instinctual, almost automatic sexual response, which scientists call a «releaser» effect. Each person has a unique «odor print» that’s just as individual as fingerprints, created by compounds released from the sebaceous glands, sweat glands […]

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Looking at sign of allergies in kids

Looking At Sign Of Allergies In Kids Sadly more and more children are suffering from allergies, and there are certain signs that indicate when allergies are causing or significantly contributing to health problems. Here’s a short checklist of what to look out for. The more of these your child has the more likely they are […]

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Top 25 terms massage therapy students should know

Top 25 Terms Massage Therapy Students Should Know During massage therapy school, students will have to use many terms. The following are the top 25 general massage therapy career terms a student should know: Amma: Chinese massage technique of locating the most effective points for movement and manipulation. Asian Bodywork Therapies: Bodywork learned during a […]

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Rocket german — how to speak in german

Rocket German — How To Speak In German When learning a new language, grammar is important. But it is also equally important to master the accent too. The German accent has a unique sound to it, there’s no mistaking the abrupt dialect and distinguishable approach to consonants. If you need to learn how to speak […]

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Educational toys: loved by kids and parents alike

Educational Toys: Loved By Kids and Parents Alike If you have kids (or even if you don’t), it’s relatively evident that no two children are the same. They don’t all have the same interests, they don’t all like the same toys, and they definitely don’t all learn in the same way. As adults, we need […]

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