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Six famous people from delaware

Six Famous People From Delaware 6 FAMOUS PEOPLE FROM DELAWARE CAESAR RODNEY  was born on October 7, 1728, in Kent County, Delaware.  He was a lawyer and a politician from St. Jones Neck, east of Dover, and also was an officer in the Delaware militia during the French and Indian War and the Revolution. Rodney […]

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The first dragon

The First Dragon Have you ever been curious about the first Dragon in history? Where it was from, did it have a name? I know I was. I also realized that I would have to settle on the first Dragon in recorded history. Since time travel still eludes me. That is when I decided to […]

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Schools and education in rochester mn

Schools and Education in Rochester MN Education is one of the most valuable gifts that has been given to society. It is more than just a passing on, or teaching, of what we know to others. Education also passes on the culture of a society. Patterns of behavior, ideas, and values that distinguish unique groups […]

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Why learning german is important

Why Learning German is Important Learning German can be scary if you are a beginner, especially if you have attempted to learn it once before and failed. The reasons take on a variety of forms: the pace is too fast, an overwhelming amount of vocabulary, and problematic memorization. Learning to speak the German language can […]

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Michigan state

Michigan State The Michigan State University (MSU), located at East Lansing, Michigan, was founded in 1855. The school was first called Agricultural College of the State of Michigan. After a series of name changes, this university, which is the first college in the US to teach agriculture as a science, eventually got its present name […]

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