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A new day, a new technology

A new day, a new technology Every new day to school, kids come geared up to study a new trick and go back and proudly present the details to their parents. Technology has been an area where the child has immense interest and fascination, seeing parents and older siblings use it in front of them […]

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Libraries: a community asset

Libraries: A Community Asset With over 122,000 libraries of varying types in the United States, libraries are a prominent aspect of our society. Over the last several years, many have questioned the future of libraries. Luckily, libraries are organisms that are thriving in our information-rich environment. Public libraries serve many essential functions within the community, […]

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Nlp techniques to sharpen your ability to learn

NLP Techniques To Sharpen Your Ability To Learn Acrostic sentences are much like acronyms. Acrostic sentences are useful for remembering ordered lists or sequences of events. In an acrostic, you use the initial letters, syllables, or words of a sentence to recall a different message. One acrostic students learn in mathematics is «Please Excuse My […]

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California schools

California Schools All across the country there is an increasing emphasis placed on early learning. Parents in California Schools desire preparation for their children at younger ages for the academics and atmosphere of school. California Schools have implemented initiatives to ensure that preparation. The First 5 California School Readiness Initiative has garnered support from the […]

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Who invented google

Who Invented Google? The search engine was invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. To mention about who invented Google, it started when two computer science students thought that they might enhance the search technology of the internet available during the 1990s. After they graduated it took them some time to transform their idea into […]

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