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Help your children say no to cheating

Help Your Children Say No to Cheating It’s all the rage, you know. Even comes with bragging rights. Cheating that is. As one webber proclaims, «I have cheated on tests, homework, projects, and other assignments all through my scholastic career . . . It’s something I take pride in.» This site, then, like dozens of […]

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Fingerprints: methods of collecting fingerprints

Fingerprints: Methods of Collecting Fingerprints Imagine walking past your favorite park to find a crowd of people gathering around a scene where an ambulance and a few police cars are parked, plus rolls of yellow barrier tape all over the place. Your curiosity begins to befall you and you walk towards the scene, once you’ve […]

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The demise of the expert & the ascendance of the layman

The Demise of the Expert & the Ascendance of the Layman In the age of Web 2.0, authoritative expertise is slowly waning. The layman reasserts herself as a fount of collective mob «wisdom». Information — unsorted, raw, sometimes wrong — substitutes for structured, meaningful knowledge. Gatekeepers — intellectuals, academics, scientists, and editors, publishers, record companies, […]

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