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Rocket german — how to speak in german

Rocket German — How To Speak In German When learning a new language, grammar is important. But it is also equally important to master the accent too. The German accent has a unique sound to it, there’s no mistaking the abrupt dialect and distinguishable approach to consonants. If you need to learn how to speak […]

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The uses of ms word

The Uses of Ms Word. the Power is Under the Hood Recently I have had the opportunity to play around with Microsoft Word. We all use daily, but 99% of the users don’t take advantage of its incredible features. Even worse, if we think just a little bit, we actually sub-utilize it. How many hours […]

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Scholarships for working dads — now dads can go back to school too

Scholarships For Working Dads — Now Dads Can Go Back To School Too! You probably have seen and heard all the news about Obama giving all kinds of scholarships and grants to mothers, single mothers and women in general and you have been wondering when are they going to give the same opportunities to dads […]

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Mba interview tips — apply when you're ready

Mba Interview Tips — Apply When You're Ready I want to talk about applying when you’re ready. At this stage of your life, if you’re like most people your age, you probably feel that everything has to be done today. Each day that you wait is another day wasted. Because of this train of thought, […]

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Tips when cooking frozen shrimp without losing the flavor

Tips when Cooking Frozen Shrimp without Losing the Flavor Shrimps are best cooked and served fresh. But there are some cases wherein it must be kept frozen in order to keep its flavor once it is time to be cooked. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of advantages when cooking frozen shrimps.  This has been […]

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