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The greatest experience of my professional lifetime

The Greatest Experience Of My Professional Lifetime…Teaching About Land The Greatest Experience Of My Professional Lifetime…Teaching about Land One off the greatest experience of my professional lifetime has been to teach the Realtors Land Institute’s «Land 101» class.  For the last sixteen years, I have specialized in Land and Farms sales in the beautiful Piedmont […]

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Learn spanish | here are some speedy ways to become bilingual in baja, buenos aires, boston or baton rouge

Learn Spanish | Here Are Some Speedy Ways To Become Bilingual In Baja, Buenos Aires, Boston Or Baton Rouge Spanish is America’s second language. Isn’t about time you became cool enough to schmooze in more than one language? It’s good for business and you will also astonish your friends. Think about it. More US citizens […]

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Interesting facts about cambridge university student union

Interesting Facts about Cambridge University Student Union Cambridge University is considered to be one of the oldest Universities in the world. Student life in this educational establishment is full and varied. Thus, Cambridge University Student Union is considered to be the main student organization with many responsibilities and high level of respect not only among […]

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A speech to teenagers about their education

A Speech to Teenagers About Their Education “Ladies and gentlemen…This will be a short speech about education. Your education. The bottom line is that you must take responsibility for it. “Many of you already know that you have to take charge of your hair and your clothes. Perhaps you know that all too well. You’re […]

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A golden legacy — placer gold claims explained

A Golden Legacy — Placer Gold Claims Explained Finding the Mother Lode! Striking It Rich! As prospectors, we all have dreams of finding a bonanza while we enjoy the adventure of the hunt. The entire family can share in the fun of prospecting and finding the elusive mineral. While there are numerous clubs and tourist […]

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