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Act now — win a free $10,000 scholarship towards your education

Act Now — Win A Free $10,000 Scholarship Towards Your Education Going back to school can be expensive. It is something we all think about doing, but can never quite pull off. In these times it is tough to find work, with one out of ten people being unemployed. If you are employed, consider yourself […]

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Nursing assistant career to a cna certificate

Nursing Assistant Career to a CNA Certificate All you have to do is check the want ads every Sunday to realize that medical professionals are in high demand across the country.  Whether you want to be a nurse, a doctor, a pharmacist, a dentist, or a surgeon, the prognosis for job growth among diagnostic professionals […]

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University financial aid for our economy

UNIVERSITY FINANCIAL AID FOR OUR ECONOMY?S HEALTH A college degree can take more than study hours and great effort from us. College education can be a central concern in our lives if we do not have the money to pay for it. To make things a little easier on us, the federal government has a […]

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Steps to get a nursing degree from a college online

Steps To Get A Nursing Degree From A College Online Health care is a booming industry.  Even if the economy is bad, people will still need health care when they get sick.  That is why the demand for nurses is also high.  So it is just practical to pursue a nursing career so you can […]

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