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Focusing on foundation grants

Focusing on Foundation Grants Did you know that foundations in the United States give billions of dollars to schools every year? Millions of dollars are not even distributed simply because not enough schools apply. That’s not usually the case with many well-known foundations, but it is true with foundations that are not in the public […]

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Four approaches to journal entries in the classroom

Four Approaches to Journal Entries in the Classroom The four approaches to journal entries discussed by Dr. Anne Ruggles Gere, Professor of Education and of English, University of Michigan are: learning development, artifact, expression, and social interaction. Furthermore, I will be evaluating these four approaches so that teachers can utilize them in their classrooms. Learning […]

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What are the true value of a two-year college

What Are The True Value Of A Two-Year College Higher education in this country is rapidly becoming a necessity in the business community rather than a luxury. There was a time when those who had a high school education still had the opportunity to build a better world for themselves and their families. Those days […]

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Scholarship for moms — $10,000 or more can help you go back to college easily

Scholarship For Moms — $10,000 Or More Can Help You Go Back To College Easily While some people have a hard time believing President Obama had the ability to get this country back together and rally it’s people behind his cause to get the economy back back on it’s feet.  One of the ways he […]

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Scholarships for working dads — now dads can go back to school too

Scholarships For Working Dads — Now Dads Can Go Back To School Too! You probably have seen and heard all the news about Obama giving all kinds of scholarships and grants to mothers, single mothers and women in general and you have been wondering when are they going to give the same opportunities to dads […]

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