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An extra ordinary technical training community

An Extra Ordinary Technical Training Community The concept of technical training community stresses on the fact, to achieve a common target by working together in a group. These groups chalk out a plan, create promotional materials and manage its logistics to achieve and coordinate public events. In the technical training component one has to focus […]

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Understanding the importance of self-teaching

Understanding the Importance of Self-teaching Teaching yourself is sometimes the best way to be successful in life. A self-learner gets more motivated and imbibes self-responsibility. Learning is a continuous process. It does not stop in school. It is good to continue learning on the things that interest you. We grew accustomed to traditional education. Almost […]

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The pmp certification exam: is a family member going through the hurdles

The PMP Certification Exam: Is a Family Member Going Through the Hurdles? Anybody preparing for an exam is the most disagreeable person around. If a family member is preparing for a PMP Certification Exam, better steer clear or you’ll have hell to pay, better yet give the support needed. How to Support Someone Facing the […]

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Save with easy auto maintenance tips

Save With Easy Auto Maintenance Tips! What do we all want while driving? To provide for our families, loved ones, and what have you. How do you accomplish this? There are a whole slew of roads to travel, but one main ingredient is a family car that is always 100% reliable. And if driving creates […]

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Keep your scooter going with a battery test

Keep Your Scooter Going With a Battery Test If you have a battery operated wheelchair or scooter in which you depend to get around, you need to make sure that the battery operates properly all of the time. The batteries that are used in electric powered vehicles are sealed lead acid batteries. They are rechargeable […]

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