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How to type special characters

How to Type Special Characters Here are some of the most common keyboard symbols you need to familiarize yourself with when learning to type. Keep this list handy for easy reference. EXCLAMATION MARK ! SHIFT 1 AT SIGN @ SHIFT 2 NUMBER SIGN # SHIFT 3 DOLLAR SIGN $ SHIFT 4 PERCENT SIGN % SHIFT […]

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The history of the eco movement

The History of the Eco Movement However, environmentalism can trace its origins to some of the very oldest civilisations with the ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabic philosophers all proclaiming the importance of protecting and looking after mother earth. Even in Britain, eco friendly ideas have been around for centuries. Sea-coal was outlawed by Edward I […]

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Disclosing common myths about application for financial aid

Disclosing Common Myths about Application for Financial Aid The government spares billions (and this is not an exaggeration) of dollars every year to help those families who are unable to pay for their child’s college. However, not everyone who needs this help applies for it because there are a number of financial aid myths that […]

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The merit scholarships and another free scholarship that pays for your education

The Merit Scholarships and Another Free Scholarship That Pays For Your Education As a student you have probably realized that going to school can be very expensive. However school doesn’t have to be so expensive if you have the right funding to make it happen. One of the most sought after ways to get free […]

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