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Review of physics by inquiry

Review of Physics by Inquiry Most of us have heard of the Socratic method of teaching at one time or another- it’s the technique Socrates famously used to educate Athenian youth back in ancient Greece. This method entails the teacher asking the student a series of leading questions sequenced in such a way that the […]

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Gmattt certification

GMATTT certification The GMATTT exam preparation material offered by certmagic is very comprehensive and covers all exam questions that need to be covered to pass the GMATTT exam. Professionals and experts at certmagic are very dedicated and they prepare exam study guides and exam practice tests with great effort. Exam notes and exam guides prepared […]

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Danger, danger: 5 tips for using a public pc

Danger, Danger: 5 Tips for Using a Public Pc There’s a guy in New York who may have got into your personal business. If he did, he probably looted your online bank account. Juju Jiang is serving time now after pleading guilty. But for a couple years, he bugged public computers with software that logged […]

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Degree online to get —

Degree Online To Get — 1. Find out all about degree programs provided by the local university or college. Lots of brick & mortal schools have degrees online so you can get them easily. These keep the college’s costs lower, and many schools implement them. Consult the admissions office concerning the online degree programs provided. […]

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How to become a nurse

How to become a nurse There are many girls all over India, who have a childhood dream of becoming a nurse. It is one of those career choices that give people an opportunity to serve and nurse the needful. Just like doctors, nurses are a crucial asset of hospitals, nursing homes etc. A good nurse […]

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